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Yellow Streets constitutes the support system that nourishes children and young adults from the disadvantaged section and thereafter reaching out to a larger audience.

It co-creates and facilitates a learning environment through a robust combination of 21st-century framework, rights & issue based learning and RUGBY in order to impact the focused audience on physical, psychological, social, and economic fronts.

In the process, the focus is to build/re-build aspirations and promulgate the humanitarian aspect, besides the constant presence of the support system in their lives, boasting of a comprehensive development thereby giving a defined direction to this change. Last, but not least, a set of opportunities provided by like-minded partners to aid these young minds in becoming trained professionals through a well-defined structure ensuring a definite path towards a bright yellow future!

Our Approach: Inner_about


Change is not instant, however, with each day one can move closer to realise that change. Striving for this change can turn the tables around. Yellow Streets marks the bold wish to paint the world Yellow, with its three focal points Pause, Restart, and Reform being the stages of this change.

Our Approach: Service


Pause urges everyone to halt. Think before taking the next step. It enforces the acknowledgement of the foregrounding past experiences, current situation and possible alternatives towards creating multiple paths around the aspiration. Pause therefore represents the ambition to prevent an individual from going down the adverse path and bringing them back, if already down the line.


Restart fuels their ambitions and catapults them into the thought through trajectory, however, this time with vigour, support, and focus.  It pushes the reinforced mindset forward, independent of negative influences while relying heavily on will and determination. This stage provides you with a second chance to kick-start your journey with greater understanding of your self, your passion, your strengths and learning arenas



This third stage guides them from the point of a restart and carries them all the way towards reformation. It utilises time to transcend lives from their erstwhile scenario to its fruitful version, encompassing not just the personal development and upliftment, but
sources of change leaving their impression and spreading it to bring about a cumulative effect in their communities and beyond. This very stage is significant in re-scripting those gloomy and unheard stories into inspiring stories of transformation rising out from the streets  

Our Approach: Inner_about


Work without conversion is not really work

Through a concerted effort, Yellow Streets has managed to walk the first mile working directly with 150 street children and 400 juvenile delinquents in less than six months with an ever-widening outreach.

The two pillars of Yellow Streets – Emotional Intelligence & Aspiration Building – will empower children to develop their cognitive skills and strive for their ambitions as they are nurtured in a safe and prudent environment. The environment will build character and supplement a productive learning paradigm, acting as the support system for children.

Yellow Goals: 

  • Better livelihood opportunities - Alleviation from poverty

  • Heightened emotional intelligence - Better management of their own emotions and positively influencing others’ emotions.

  • Enhanced physical and mental health

  • Quality reformation of children in conflict with the law

  • A window of learning opportunities (across different fields)

  • Women Empowerment & Gender Equality

Impact measurement is important to assess our progress and success in the real picture. Our ever-growing outreach, success stories, conversion of our activities and its expansion to areas outside our direct control, number of collaborative partners across varied fields for our ‘crusaders’ and post bail intervention initiative, and a run-check of our 1-3 year(s) outcome plan will stand as testimony to our impact.

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