Our foremost programme caters to the children and young people found on the streets. Through Rugby and allied activities, we create a safe space for these young buds to learn and grow while opening a window of opportunities for them. A unique blend of 21st century learning framework and professional Rugby, weekly practice sessions are conducted by World Rugby certified coaches, educators and life-skills practitioners 


Rugby builds character and we put that catchphrase to its best use by using Rugby to work intensively with the children in conflict with the law. Six to Fix, an 18 months long reformative journey is India's first rugby centric reformative approach towards building an alternate narrative to their stories



For our 'Restart' stage learners, the Wolfpack leadership training entails a combination of in-house entrepreneurship learning programme and community action. A year-long engagement with a selected cadre of 30 professional Rugby players and budding change-makers to equip them with essential coaching techniques, building awareness about ‘self’, understanding key social issues, designing and executing their social experiments. 


Taking children and young people off the streets to the various nurturing platforms is one of the key objectives of our work. People from  underprivileged and marginalised communities  are equally worthy and virtuous as everybody else. GullyseNikaal is a progressive movement of people from the streets to develop themselves, be skilled and competent enough to curtail all forms of societal gaps, realising equal status-quo as the mainstream.


Along with strengthening intrinsic human skills, Rugby on-field is a high intensity strength work-out. It becomes imperative for all the players to consume recommended calculated diet to meet the progressive bodily demand for constant muscle recovery. A persistent gap and a paramount need of Rugby specific diet for all players pushed the wolfpack to design a workable solution to meet the desired state of gameplay and health. This gave birth to the idea of Khelo Khao. The first wolfpack led project providing healthy meals to every player in partnership with MCKS Food for Hungry Foundation. The project will soon transition into a subsidiary social enterprise of Yellow Streets led by the wolfpack