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The Yellow Team: TeamMember
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Co-Founder & Director

Yusra has more than 4 years of professional experience in various facets of children, adolescents, youth work and social entrepreneurship. Have worked extensively on life skills, gender, social entrepreneurship and sports for development initiative. She worked as a programme coordinator and a senior consultant at Pravah, an organisation working for youth development and active citizenship since 1993 (from 2014-18) and co-founded Bucket List in 2015 to pursue her passion to work with underserved children. Yusra has an eye for beautiful and creative things. She believes in the power of transformative conversations and strongly feels that everybody has the capacity to be remarkable. Passionate and hard-working, she’s also a fellow with School for Social Entrepreneurs India, 2018 cohort. Yusra is also a sensitive, warm and welcoming person.

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